Rocket Test Group

To enhance rocket ground test operational effort, reduce ground test costs and facilitate activation of new facilities.

RTG is an entirely volunteer organization of rocket test facility operators.

RTG #34 hosted by Aerojet in Sacramento

Posted on February 17, 2010; last updated on March 11, 2010

Jack Standen of Aerojet Missile and Space Propulsion graciously hosted the 34th RTG Meeting at Aerojet's Sacramento location on 13-14 April 2010. These testing facilities have an extensive history in engine development and test. 24 RTG members from 16 organizations converged on the facilities they have been looking forward to seeing for a long time. The successful meeting consisted of 9 presentations, the RTG business meeting, a tour of Aerojet's testing facilities, and an always popular evening social dinner at a local restaurant. The presentations and topics of discussion included new and innovative testing methods and features, igniter systems, instrumentation lessons, digital data system fundamentals and issues, SiH4 test systems, test facilities & capabilities, the NASA Propulsion Test Master Plan. Some challenges discussed include gas supplier quality control issues, digital signal "fold back" effect, the acceleration of objects to high speeds at unique angles for test purposes, infringement of communities upon rocket test facility sites, and how the changes in US Space Policy and NASA Strategic Plan causes changes to future test facility needs.