Rocket Test Group

To enhance rocket ground test operational effort, reduce ground test costs and facilitate activation of new facilities.

RTG is an entirely volunteer organization of rocket test facility operators.

33rd RTG Meeting - AMPAC ISP at Niagara Falls

Posted on Febrary 17, 2010

The Rocket Test Group's 33rd Meeting was hosted at AMPAC ISP in Niagara Falls, NY on October 14th and 15th. AMPAC ISP's facilities have an extensive history in engine development and test, and many RTG members had been looking forward to this opportunity for some time. And they did not disappoint. Attendees enjoyed presentations from fellow members, many of which focused on problems they were experiencing and their solutions, as well as discussions on possible solutions to problems that had not yet been solved. Attendees came away with the ideas and information they needed to help solve or prevent test and test stand issues. Attendees also enjoyed a tour of the testing facilities and a history lesson on the engines developed at that location over the years at that site by both AMPAC ISP and by the location's previous owner, the Atlantic Research Corporation. The social event included a boat tour of Niagara Falls followed by a dinner of the original buffalo wings in Buffalo, NY.