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How can better my college resume?

I'm a senior and I have done plenty things in my 1 1/2 years of high school but it doesn't seem like a lot on my resume. I missed out on a lot during covid as did many of us, so what some classes that I should take for my senior year? Right now schedule has me taking English Dc, Pych Dc and Speech Dc, with an Avid class, Guitar, softball(manger), possibly band.

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Hey @Rae2431,

Hope you are well! Looks like you have some interest in softball. If there is a local middle school softball team or little league softball team, you could try volunteering and helping the younger player to show your commitment to the sport and next generation. You could do the same with guitar depending on your experience level.

As far as academics go, feel free to take the course rigor that pushes you to do your best but you know you can accomplish. Show colleges your intellectual vitality by taking courses that are college credit with local colleges. These could be specific courses that interest you.

You could also join clubs or found your own club based on your interested major and find people to help lead and join your club.

Good luck, hope this helps! Sorry if the advice was too generic! :)


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