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Does high school GPA matter if going to a community college and transferring to a 4-year college?

I noticed that some 4-year colleges require high school transcripts when transferring from a community college? Do your high school GPA and transcripts matter if you do well in a community college?

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3 days ago

Short answer: Yes.

Detailed Answer: It depends where you apply as a transfer and when you apply. So if you go to CC for 1 semester and then apply to a T25 school, they want to make sure you can do the work, so they will rely on both your CC grades and course rigor as well as your entire academic transcript from HS (GPA, course rigor, test scores, intellectual vitality). If you apply after 3 semesters of CC, then your HS records mean less and less to a college, and more weight will be placed on your CC record.

Hope this answer is logical and makes sense to you.

2 days ago

Your high school GPA does not matter if you are currently doing well in community college. However, it can negatively affect you if your high school GPA was low and your community college GPA is also low - this could make colleges think that you have an issue putting effort into your academics. Hope this helps!


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