Rocket Test Group

To enhance rocket ground test operational effort, reduce ground test costs and facilitate activation of new facilities.

RTG is an entirely volunteer organization of rocket test facility operators.





To enhance rocket ground test operational effort, reduce ground test costs and facilitate activation of new facilities.

-  Share operational "Lessons Learned"
-  Share designs/design approaches
-  Share problem solving expertise
-  Share current capabilities
-  Explore operational safety procedures
-  Share newly developed test techniques
-  Share data acquisition techniques
-  Promote equipment sharing
-  Promote operational standardization
-  Critique proposed activation plans and procedures for new systems


Any government, industry, or university organization routinely involved in rocket motor/engine testing.  Each member organization will sponsor at least one participant.


Rocket ground test facility operations personnel who are thoroughly knowledgeable of facility and testing operations and have contributed to associated problem solving activities.


At the initial meeting and each two year following, a Working Group Chairperson and Co-Chair (recommended one from Industry or University and one from Government) will be elected.  Responsibilities are:
-  Review and approve proposed meeting agenda
-  Call the meetings
-  Assign the meeting site and point of contact
-  Chair the meetings
-  Solicit briefings on selected topics
-  Act as liaison with AIAA Ground Test Committee
At the 33rd meeting and each two year following, a Working Group Secretary will be elected, with the term offset 1 year from the Chairperson and Co-Chair elections. Responsibilities are:
-  Maintain Working Group membership files
-  Disseminate meeting action items and minutes
-  Website maintenance and updating
-  Other duties as assigned

-  Semi-annual information exchange meetings
-  Host facility will pre-plan and distribute the agenda and serve as the meeting point-of-contact
- Agenda to address specific issues (problems, operational achievement, incidents, proposed
procedure, current method, etc.)
-  Additional issues "from the floor" discussed and analyzed
-  Participants will disseminate information to their own organization
-  Invited guests may participate in discussions
-  Presenters are not limited to host organization
-  Encourage AIAA/JANNAF papers on ground testing

-  Members will actively participate in meetings
-  Member facilities will host meetings on a rotating basis
-  Members will share their expertise and knowledge to the maximum possible/legal extent
-  Member organizations will provide required funding for their respective involvement
-  Requirements are further addressed within the Working Group By-laws
- Members will follow all ITAR and Export Control Restrictions with respect to the information presented and discussed at RTG meetings.



  • Membership to be by invitation from the Working Group.
  • Host organization to provide meeting room facilities
  • Membership may be rejected by majority vote
  • Charter and by-laws may be revised by majority vote
  • Member organizations should supplement their point of contact with experts commensurate with the agenda topics
  • The semi-annual meeting agenda shall be distributed to the members no less than 30 days prior to the scheduled meeting date

The RTG Charter and By-Laws are available in Adove PDF format: Download.