Rocket Test Group

To enhance rocket ground test operational effort, reduce ground test costs and facilitate activation of new facilities.

RTG is an entirely volunteer organization of rocket test facility operators.

Lessons Learned from RTG

Rocket Test Group members come together for technical discussions, test facilities tours, and professional networking. This group has provided the backbone for the sharing of experiences and lessons learned between operators and users of rocket test facilities for over 15 years. Visit the Experiences section of this site to find out how RTG has made a difference in the propulsion industry.

RTG was originally formed as a response to a congressional demand for an ongoing working group crossing agency and company boundaries. It is intended to allow rocket test facility operators to come together to recommend solutions for difficult testing problems; reduce testing costs by reducing time spent on solving critical issues and eliminating duplicate programs; facilitate the activation of new facilities; learn from each other by viewing different methods and touring various facilities; provide a networking opportunity for testing advice and problem solving support; and allow test facility operators to stay informed on the newest developments.

RTG continues to not charge any membership or attendance fees. RTG is an entirely volunteer organization.

RTG #48 at AFRL, Edwards AFB, April 9-10, 2017!

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